NUTRITION & DIET - We are committed to healthy eating.

Children are offered a wide-ranging menu that incorporates all the essential food groups. Our nursery chef cooks all meals on site with many ingredients sourced locally.

Breakfast, lunch and an afternoon high tea are prepared are freshly prepared. No additional salt or sugar is added to meals. Morning snack of fruit is also offered. Our lunches incorporate a variety of flavours and textures which encourage children to develop a healthy relationship with food.

Children with identified dietary needs are also catered for. Particular attention is paid to our younger babies who are starting on their weaning journey.  For us, it is important to have a close partnership with parents to monitor the baby’s responses to the different foods offered to them.

Mealtimes are a relaxed and social time in the nursery enjoyed as a family grouping of both staff and children sharing food and demonstrating good social skills and etiquette. Children are offered milk and water to drink and can access water throughout the day.

Older children are encouraged to manage their snack time themselves to develop confidence, independence and choice.


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